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I've been posting nodes I like to reddit.com in an attempt to get more traffic here (and spreading propaganda I like ;)

The first four tries didn't meet with too much success:

Three Brazilian Soldiers got voted down to 0.

Crisis of democracy only got voted up to 2.

Capitalism is not freedom got voted down to 0, but that's partly my fault for accidentally posting it to the science section.

How to lie with statistics had some limited success. It's on the front page of the science section (which isn't too hard since there aren't too many science posts), but only has 5 points.

On my fifth post of my favorite E2 nodes, No government can ever give you freedom is doing much better. It's now on the front page of the politics section and is currently at 24 points. Here's hoping, if it makes the front page of the overall site, that it doesn't bring down E2.

Care to join me? Register yourself there. Post a link to a node you like (you can only post once maybe every 15 minutes at first). As long as it doesn't bring down our server, it can only make this place richer (at least in people and content, if not money).

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