Notes from the Surf

It's a beautiful day.
...I really want you to go outside and play.

China: Mount Hua
...and what's on the other side?

Cell Size and Scale
"How can an X chromosome be nearly as big as the head of the sperm cell?"

Waterloo Station Advertising
Artists need bread on their tables too.

300 Days - 50,182,850 Deaths
The STD/HIV/AIDS column was higher than I expected. Also unlike the impression I get from the news  media, suicides surprisingly outnumber deaths from violence and war. See also: How to survive a heart attack when alone

Thanks Blue Cross for the postage
"Blue Cross sent me a postage-prepaid postcard to send to my Senator opposing a Public Option"

Nepal: Torches (no pitchforks)
Maoists / former guerillas march against government. Video. More: 1, 2.

Oreos and Argentina: Kraft Plant Occupied by Employees
"Eighty occupied the plant, while their co-workers struck, picketed, and blocked highways. Around the country thousands of students, union activists, and other groups held solidarity actions."

United Steelworkers enlists Mondragon in move toward employee democracy
"We have lots of experience with ESOPs, but have found that it doesn't take long for the Wall Street types to push workers aside and take back control. We see Mondragon's cooperative model with 'one worker, one vote' ownership as a means to re-empower workers and make business accountable to Main Street instead of Wall Street."

Brazil - MST: From land occupation to media democracy
"it is essential to destroy the media monopoly in order to diversify the media. The struggle to democratize communication requires the construction of a broader political project, capable of radically transforming the structures of our societies."

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