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It is super easy for me to daylog. The ironman limits me to 5 daylogs counting towards my total, however, which means I need to create my own nodeshells, or fill existing nodeshells with something good enough it won't be nuked. This is an enormous amount of pressure. It doesn't help that I really love to play games, and Starcraft 2 continues to entertain. And yes, I know I should write a better writeup for SC2. I should write a lot of things. I hate that word should.

It also didn't help that Cheesecake called me about 5pm yesterday and laid down a plan that involved pizza, Dexter, and an all nude strip club with guys who are visiting from out of town. Where, oh where am I supposed to find time to write? Or do laundry for that matter.

It also doesn't help I'm working the next 8 days in a row. None of this is helping. It doesn't help that I'm old. I'm old enough now that my body has deteriorated (it also doesn't help I'm a terrible speller...slows me down!) from it's prime (early 20's?) enough that I can actually see death on the horizon. I suppose my parents being old doesn't help THAT either. I keep hearing of people dying who are younger than they are. Anyway, death seems mostly about TIME. We don't have infinite time. If I weren't an Atheist (and one who always mentions he is at any opportunity and invites "the discussion") I'd say my life has been blessed with a lot of free time. "Time is money, friend." Which is funny, because my quick and dirty justification for how I live my life is "I don't know anyone with any money who hasn't worked a lot for it." But yeah, TIME. No one ever has enough of it. So much more we'd like to do if we had the time and, often more importantly, our friends had the time to do things with us.

I really enjoyed playing unpaid gypsy cab to 2 guys I barely knew, 2 guys I had just met, and Cheesecake last night. Brings back memories of Fort Collins when me friends would want to go out drinking, so of course I drove. Mostly it was just hanging out with guys. It didn't matter that they weren't all my friends, it was fun to watch other people give each other the friendly shit that friends do.

The good news, however, is that....crap, this is actually the 3rd daylog I've done counting toward the ironman. For some reason I was thinking it was the 2nd. Oh well, considering all the SC2 I've been playing and working 40 hours a week and still hanging with Cheesecake some, I can't feel too bad about this writing stuff.

Still, this is like writeup number 8. That leaves 22 more? Sheesh. 20 more nodes I have to come up with. The problem is if I write about something I'm really familiar with, like SC2, I'll want to make it really good...I just don't feel I have the time for really good.

I mean maybe I do, maybe it's just the desire. I certainly don't desire to be a really good writer or anything. I certainly never fantasize about becoming popular on the internet or anything. I just want to be better at the games I play. Mostly I just want to play with my friends.

Mr. Positive kicked my ass at Carcassonne a few days ago. Shameful really. Simultaneously kicked my ass at chess too, actually.

See I can't even talk about games without wanting to go play. And the internet provides people to play with. I can get in a 5v5 game in Stracraft 2 at 4am....how awesome is that?

I need to eat! All these things take my time. I work at 8. Time is money. Why fantasize about being famous (and cashing it in for riches) when you live in Vegas? You can always stumble on to a Megabucks win, even if you don't normally play. I mean if you are going to fantasize...

It's awesome to think that because of the internet, I literally would never get bored if all my friends and I had all of our time free from, you know, having to put food on the table. But less awesome to think that we are never free from having to eat. And most of the friends I play games with have children! Talk about free time reduction.

Or write about, rather.

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