A nude mouse is one that has been genetically altered and bred such that it does not have a full immune system nor does it have fur. It is considered to be Immuno-comprimised. The immune system of a nude mouse has all the components of the immune system of a regular mouse, except is has no T-cells.

These mice are used extensively in cancer research. With no immune defense, cancer grows readily in their bodies. Human cancer cell lines can be harvested, cultured and injected into the mouse (xenotransplantation). Thus the research relates directly to humans.

They must be kept in complete sterile conditions because any virus or bacteria could be deadly. All supplies must be autoclaved or sterilized by gamma radiation. All the handling of the nude mouse must be done in a Laminar flow hood which cleans the air with pre-filters, hepa filters and sometimes other filters as well.

They are a very docile breed of mouse and rarely if ever bite.

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