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Nuevo Laredo is a city in Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas. It is on the US-Mexican border, across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas.

Nuevo Laredo was founded on 15 May, 1755, as the village of San Agustin de Laredo. In 1847, the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo divided the city in two when portions of Mexico were ceded to the US. According to local history, those who wished to remain Mexican moved south of the river, and the part of the city remaining in Mexico was renamed Nuevo Laredo. In 1855 a customs house was built, promoting trade with the US. The railroad arrived in 1881, further increasing the possibilities for trade and commerce. The growth of Nuevo Laredo was such that in 1891, it was officially promoted from village to city. It was burned in 1914 during the Mexican Revolution.

In the 20th century, Nuevo Laredo grew to a strong industrial center, especially with the establishment of the maquiladora factories contributing to growth and many new jobs. Nuevo Laredo is on the Pan-American Highway and serves as a major border crossing point. Cattle, agriculture, and tourism are other primary contributors to the economy. It also is one of the remaining border cities to have a bullfight ring.


Nuevo Laredo Official City Web Site

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