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As my girlfriend never ceases to amaze me with the abundance of cuteness wrapped up in her tiny frame; once again my mouth dropped agape at yet another charming antic dote of her childhood.

Her father, ever the prankster, took two plates; under one of them he lit a match and let the soot from the smoke cover it. The other, for reasons apparent later in the story, he did nothing with.

He then proceeded to approach my girlfriend and tell her that he had something very important for her to do; so trusting at the tender age of 5, she was eager to help.

They sat cross-legged in front of each other; to her went the plate with the soot, to him the one without. He then instructed her to follow his example. He began to run his hand around the bottom of the plate, all the while chanting

O-wa Ta-goo Sai-yam

Then, as soon as she followed in suit, he began to run his fingers down the bridge of his nose and then across his forehead.

My girlfriend at this age was adorable (I have seen photos); and so what we have here (picture it if you will), is a little girl, awestruck - thinking she is doing something very mystical and important, smearing soot on her face and chanting

O-wa Ta-goo Sai-yam!
Oh wha t a goo se I am!
Oh, what a goose I am!

He couldn't stop laughing
It took her years to forgive him. heheh

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