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OS/2 can work in Windows NT, albeit in a limited way.

OS/2 version 1.X will most likely run within Windows NT with no problems. This is bacause of the following three files:

    These are the main components under WinNT that allows OS/2 v1.X to run. It adapts the services to what the OS/2 applications expect.
  • OS2.EXE
    OS2.EXE manages the program-specific aspects of the OS/2 environment.
    These contain Windows NT versions of OS/2 APIs that the OS/2 applications are written to.

WinNT does not support OS/2 programs written for version 2.0 and above because the OS/2 APIs would violate NT security.

Some programs can run in either OS/2 or DOS. These are called bound application or program. When a bound program is started, WinNT will execute it in the OS/2 subsystem unless the FORCEDOS.EXE program is run, where NT will launch a Virtual DOS Machine and run the bound program.

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