Notes from the Surf

Hockey: 9 year old scores greatest goal in Boston this season,195876
Others: From Michigan. From Sweden.

Kite boarder gets massive air
More: A "normal" day. A bad day.

Elinor Ostrom and The Rethinking of Neoclassical Economics
"when people have no knowledge of each other and don’t interact... people overharvest, everyone suffers... when people do talk face-to-face, they quickly learn to be more cooperative — to everyone’s benefit."

Latin American bloc to stop using dollars in trade
"ALBA trade bloc is scheduled Friday to approve measures that would replace US dollars... Most ALBA members have already withdrawn from the (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, a World Bank) organization, with Ecuador announcing last July that it would pull out of the group."

Health"care" Nightmare in the USA
Uninsured employees forced to go home when they get sick, then have jobs threatened for being out sick.

UK: Secret gag order prevents The Guardian from mentioning report on toxic waste dumping
The UK media is currently unable to mention the URL "" or anything else that would direct people towards the report.

British mining company faces damages claim after allegations of torture in Peru
"Two of the protesters were women who say they were sexually assaulted... one of those shot was left to bleed to death at the mine site. A postmortem examination found that he took about 36 hours to die... A number of the photographs show grinning police officers waving the female protesters' underwear."

Japan: crisis swells Communist Party ranks
"Every month, for the past one year and a half, a thousand persons... have joined the party's ranks. They're mainly temporary workers who account for more than a third of the local work force."

Israeli Youths Reject Army Call-Up
More than 80 Israeli students have announced their refusal to serve in the Israeli military... "the occupation is a violent, racist, inhumane, illegal, undemocratic, immoral and an extreme condition that presents a mortal danger to both peoples" Mirror. More.

Stella D’Oro, NY: "We’re not going to let those machines from the Bronx go anywhere."
"Its management brags how they buy a company, suck the blood of the workers and the company’s assets, and then sell it."

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