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Yesterday, I told you through a message, that this silence, it hurts me, just so you know.

Of course, I didn't expect anything back. At least, not right away. It's your style to postpone everything, until it piles and piles, overspilling with delayed actions, dallied emotions, lingering thoughts, loitering dreams, all summed up in this recycle bin of to-do's...

Like you said: "You'll explain this message to me, some day..."

Honestly, I'd rather give you, as a present for your birthday, a dictionary; so you can look-up all the words and understand what I meant. It implies nothing more, and nothing less, than the words arranged in the sent sentence. If you can't understand them, it's not my fault, you don't speak human.

Funny thing, coming from the person who actually turned me into a human...

I am sorry.

Really, I am. It's just too late for both. It's no use mourning the "what could have been", that won't turn back time, nor will it metamorphose our empty cages, where we keep the hearts, no longer ours. Because I own yours, and you safe-keep mine.

Remember when I told you, you were the Dragon which guarded the Treasure Chest holding my heart, and the Dragon won't let anyone get in?! I still mean what I said then.

So, please, continue shielding my ♥, as I shall do with yours.

Thank you.

For everything you taught me to be, to feel. For all the moments stolen from mundanity. For all the words seeded inside me. For all the music played on chords of my soul. For hugs, forever warded in our genes. For molding me a better person. For framing me dare dream and follow those twinkles of inspiration. For telling me "it's O.K....", for the books I borrowed, the jokes we laughed, the tears you undid, and, if I were to write it all, I would probably overwhelm the database, so I stop here. But only the typing...

Now it's time to let go of you, and you of me, grow separately from each other, cherish each instant given, that helped us become who we are now.

I guess it's true after all, the line from a book I read long ago :

"True bliss and happiness are too hard to handle, for us, humans. That's why all our entire lives, if we're lucky enough, we only get one moment, one glance, one glimpse of real exhilaration. More, we cannot handle."

Notes from the Surf

Brutal Legend - Official E3 Trailer
Another step in the convergence of the video game and film industries?

A graph that makes sense... maybe.

Dogbert needs to drive up our stock value
"Assemble the Illuminati!"

Bipartisan Consensus
Using the Iraq strategy on health care.

Millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms
"America's healthcare industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to block the introduction of public medical insurance and stall other reforms... The largest contribution, totalling close to $1.5m, has gone to the chairman of the senate committee drafting the new law... there are six registered healthcare lobbyists for every member of Congress"

Bought by the Insurance Lobby
Even Republican voters favor public option 47% to 42%. 5 key Democrats oppose it after getting $19 million from you-know-who.

Guatemala: School teacher dies so Canadian mining company can get nickel
Upon arriving to the community of El Chupon, the group of nine men was ambushed by CGN’s private security agents... Adolfo Ich Xaman, a primary school teacher, was killed as a result... men armed with machine guns opened fire on the mini-bus from all sides... Martin Choc, auxiliary mayor of the “Lote 8” community (another of the communities evicted violently on January 2007), had been killed.

Colombian teachers face highest rates of political violence
"political violence against educators cannot, and should not, be separated from an understanding of the broader social struggles of Colombian trade unions and social movements against inequality, authoritarian rule and endemic political violence that continues to sustain a highly unequal development model favouring a small minority of wealthy elites at the expense of the vast majority of the population"

A quarter of Iceland population to stop paying mortgages?
People are very angry because we feel the banks were gambling with the economy, with the currency, stealing, stealing our properties... it is clear that the households cannot go on forever struggling to pay off ever-increasing debts … while at the same time the bank tycoons and moguls responsible for this disaster have the debts of their defunct companies written off left and right.

Venezuela: Peasants training to protect one another after shootings
"It's like one's life is worth nothing, like the life of the person with money is the one with value."

My friend was eating a barely edible burrito in lunch today. One of those microwave burritos they were selling in the school cafeteria, they didn't even take it out of the wrapper to nuke it and the description was real gross too. It wasn't a beef and bean burrito, no it was a "Beef and Vegetable Protein Texture" burrito. I don't even know quite what that means, possibly a poor translation, but it isn't exactly appetizing. Anyways, the funniest thing about it was there was a little white circle on the side of the wrapper with the message "Say NO to DRUGS."

Really? On a burrito? Like someone is going to be eating lunch and make up their mind about their own personal drug use based on a stupid catch phrase on a gross burrito? I doubt it. If anything it is encouraging to drug use, because abstaining from drugs certainly didn't help that burrito company out any, they suck at making burritos. Maybe if they could tap into some creativity they could figure out a way to make the extremely cheap ingredients taste better.

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