Gothic MOR band, fond of Anne Rice and consensual sadomasochism. Due to their gushily sentimental songwriting and Neil Diamond-style production values, they attracted an audience of mild-mannered suburban families. Goths couldn't handle October Project, but Barbara Streisand fans flocked to OP. Amazing lead singer Mary Fahl, dressing like it was 1970 and she was fronting Black Sabbath, could put her whole forearm down her throat and still sing "Frere Jacques".

October Project produced two albums proper:

  • October Project
  • Falling Farther In
Collectors will also be needing the "Be My Hero" single (which contained 4 alternate "acoustic" versions) and their video.

October Project had rabid (not literally) cult followings in a few cities (notably Philadelphia), and were met with indifference practically everywhere else. They disbanded when their record label (Sony) pulled its support.

Both singers have gone on to solo projects. The main group reformed in 1999 as November Project.

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