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The Eucharist and Christianity as a Mystery Religion

The Eucharist is an act of worship in which the Last Supper is reenacted and Communion is taken in remembrance of Jesus' death. Drama as it is known today originated with the Cult of Dionysus, and there is little question that the Eucharist is a form of drama.

Furthermore, the obvious parallels between Christianity and the Mystery Religions may be fairly telling. Some have gone as far as to suggest that Christianity itself started off as a Mystery Religion that offered immortality, that, as with the Cult of Dionysus and the Cult of Demeter, acted out certain rites of remembrance, as shown in the Eucharist (Riley 149). The secrecy of early Christianity – which has extended into today in eastern Christianity, where the Eucharist is preformed behind a screen – possibly bolsters this argument (186).

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