Charles Scribner's Sons first printed this Thomas Wolfe novel, his second, in 1935.

The followup to Look Homeward, Angel, Of Time And The River picks up with Eugene Gant's life where Wolfe's debut left off: Gant has just graduated from the State University in rural North Carolina, and has decided to pursue his education at Harvard.

The novel begins with a beautifully majestic description of Gant's train ride through the south, first to Baltimore to visit his dying father, and thence to Boston. His life at Harvard is detailed, followed by trips to England and France, followed ultimately by his return home.

This second Gant novel is also the last Gant novel. Thomas Wolfe died before he could publish another book, but his voluminous notebooks and manuscripts provided editors -- most notably, Maxwell Perkins -- with enough material to publish two more books, The Web And The Rock and You Can't Go Home Again. Still heavily autobiographical, they focus rather on George Webber than Eugene Gant.

Of Time And The River's Books
  1. Orestes: Flight Before Fury (approx. 87 pages)
  2. Young Faustus (approx. 238 pages)
  3. Telemachus (approx. 80 pages)
  4. Proteus: The City (approx. 194 pages)
  5. Jason's Voyage (approx. 196 pages)
  6. Ant├Žus: Earth Again (approx. 56 pages)
  7. Kronos And Rhea: The Dream Of Time (approx. 50 pages)
  8. Faust And Helen (approx. 11 pages)

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