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Oji Tanaka is the lead character in the anime series Legend of Black Heaven. When we first meet him, Oji Tanaka is a drone, moving mindlessly through his job, his family, his life. Day in and day out, it's all the same, nothing changes, nothing improves and nothing has any meaning or feeling anymore. His sole pleasure, the beautiful flying V guitar, was tossed into the burnable trash by his wife.

As the series continues, we the viewer find that 15 years earlier, Oji was known as Gabriel Tanaka, lead singer for the hard rock band that burned up the charts, Black Heaven. Living in a world where his friends were always besides him, music filled his veins and the concert lights were like the very stars in the skies as he ruled the world with his flying V in his hands.

When his new beautiful Assistant Manager, Ms. Yuki, appears and returns his flying V to him intact and brings him along with a mission, that he must create his unique sound because it is the only thing in the universe that can save her race as it fights a desperate war amidst the stars.

Oji is an almost halpless character. He eventually figures out that he is being used by the aliens for his inexplicable ability to power the super weapon, but he happily continues playing as he seems to know that despite this enforcement, it is still the only real freedom he has known for years.

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