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Not as poetic but much the way i feel is the following:

Sometimes i lie awake at night
And just feel lost in this big world
left alone
i stand up
and take some old record
i took from my fathers collection whe i left home
or i bought second-hand cause i felt i needed it
set the speed to 33
put the needle onto the record
arlo guthrie
the beatles
not the music of my youth
music from my childhood
songs i just forgot for a long time
heard them in my car radio starting to cry
without a reason
remebered it someway
my father played it on the guitar
or listened to the tape in his car
a long, long time ago i can still remember how that music used to make me smile
i lie awake for 20 minutes
get up
flip the record
listen to the b-side
and again
till i feel better
or totally miserable
i feel this way right now.

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