A most scenic place.

Located in the heart of the metro area of Wichita, Kansas, Old Town is just what it sounds like; the old part of town. It is composed mostly of brick, with a little 1930's-ish pizazz and style to it. There are many alleys, rooftop accesses, and secret routes that are sure to tickle an adventurer's fancy. The insides of some buildings are comparable to something from a D&D fan's wet dream; cobwebs hang like curtains in the basement areas, dim, flickering lights cast a nervous yellow-orange pall on the dusty walls and concrete floors, and those scary elevators that look more like machines of death than means of conveyance. There could be a Displacer Beast lurking in the shadows right behind us!

There are many small, privately owned shops in Old Town and its surrounding areas, ranging from restaurants (Torre's Pizzeria, a fantastic place to eat for any newcomer to Wichita) to tabletop gaming boutiques (Blue Horse Trading Co., located three floors above Torre's.) However, the majority of space in Old Town is occupied by a conglomerate of bars, pubs, and clubs (both public and private.)

If you're ever cruising around the area at about midnight or so, it's always fun to stop by the area and laugh with the drunk people. (One such adventure to Old Town on my birthday at one in the morning met us with a Chris Farley impersonator, clearly intoxicated, and cuddlingly belligerent.)

Also located in the general vicinity is the Old Town Warren Theatre. I've never had the opportunity to see a movie in it, but from what my significant homeboys tell me, there are these neat little buttons on the sides of your seats you can press to call a waiter to you, where you can order and have them deliver snacks from the snack bar. (I imagine this pisses off a lot of people in the middle of a flick.)

All in all, a neat place to go if you're over eighteen years of age (or at least twenty-one, for added kicks.) Otherwise, it's like any other part of Wichita, only a bit prettier looking.

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