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A small manual typewriter made by Olympia in the 1960's; at the time, it was their professional/secretary model. It is small/mid-sized, with a base measuring about 25 x 25 cm, with a removable case for maintenance. Maximum paper width is about 11.5 inches; ink ribbon is the standard still sold in most stores (or at least the ones which carry those sort of things), with ink color settings for standard, red, and white (corrective). Maximum typing speed is about 40-50 words per minute before the keys start to jam.

Olympia several years ago, during their desperate downfall, produced an Olympia 2, with memory and a computer-like keyboard; the product failed miserably.

Every so often, when my inner-luddite jumps up and threatens to throttle me for all the time I spend screwing around with Linux, I turn to my inherited typewriter, insert a roll of teletype paper, beer in hand and cigarette dangling out of my mouth, and whip out a few dozen pages or so. There is beauty there. Simplicity.

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