In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Transform.
All things were made by it, and without it nothing was made.
In the transformation was life, and from life came people.
And we shined in the darkness, and the darkness understood us not,
though our Light was an echo of the Word.

And through the Light we found Good:
commonality and working together.
We brought candles to the darkness.
We taught rocks to become engines of industry and information.
We touched the sky.

Through the Light we also found Enmity:
separation, disruption.
Everyone falls the first time.
Destruction is the path of layabouts and cowards.

Thought and language are abstraction,
and abstraction is our grip on the unending hills of detail.
It is how we are able to climb and descend the fractal ladders
separating the earth and the sky.
The hills are real and the ladders are "real".
It depends on where you stand.

Those who come after us are better than we;
they see further by standing on our shoulders.
We gain by understanding thoroughly those who came before,
just as we gain by explaining thoroughly to those who are yet to arrive.
Every year we forget everything that isn't shining among us.
Good is being a part of a whole.

I have come so far and I have far to go.
In everything I see the Transform. In everyone I see the Light.
When I look upon the world, I weep in its beauty.

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