This would make an appropriate theme for the day, although written by Jonathan Swift just short of three hundred years ago. Of course it has "Amazed" and "Confused" instead of "Dazed and Confused" close enough for the Rockbots. It would be like The Three Musketeers meets Megadeath.

It therefore has something for everyone, even Pagans with references to Jove and warnings against hypnotic cults. Does the reference to heaven makes us think of "Stairway to Heaven" or "Knockin' at Heaven's Door"? It appeals to the alien beings dwelling amongst us with its reference to "'Offending race of humankind...'" and does not exclude Beavis and Butthead with lines like,

"And I resent these pranks no more.
I to such blockheads set my wit!"


------Jonathan Swift

With a whirl of thought oppressed,
I sink from reverie to rest.
An horrid vision seized my head;
I saw the graves give up their dead!
Jove, armed with terrors, burst the skies,
And thunder roars and lightning flies!
Amazed, confused, its fate unknown,
The world stands trembling at his throne!

While each pale sinner hangs his head,
Jove, nodding, shook the heav'ns, and said:
"Offending race of human kind,
By nature, reason, learning, blind;
You who, through frailty, stepped aside;
And you, who never fell---through pride:
You who in different sects were shammed,
And come to see each other damned;
(So some folks, told you, but they knew
No more of Jove's designs than you;)
The world's mad business is o'er,
And I resent these pranks no more.
I to such blockheads set my wit!
I damn such fools!---Go, go, you're bit."

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