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Our Life

Jan 10 (8 days ago)

to family members:

Husband spent a week at hospital in trauma unit after fall from second story window five days before Christmas. His account: "I went through the black screen door to get to the bathroom instead of the one with the white light." We've had various ups and downs, miscommunications, plus staff who knew little to nothing about Alzheimer's. After discussions with social worker and Doctors, we were told he needed yet another sub acute rehab stay before coming home.

Time frame: Dec 21-28 at hospital, then transferred to a place close by. I have gone every day while younger son has dropped in when I text him that certain nurses or staff are being "difficult". Several nights he brought his laptop and worked while observing how his Dad was being treated.

Younger son and I talk/flirt/am friendly with everyone from the room mate to the maintenance guy. When that doesn't work, we blow off steam; it's amazing how a well placed statement directed towards the staff in the "Common Room" changes the level of care for all, not just your loved one.

And then I'm dealing with his daughters and sisters, but I'm usually so tired I don't really care about their rudeness or insensitive remarks. He has no phone in his room for a reason.

There's supposedly a family care/plan for discharge meeting on Monday afternoon, so if anyone wants to have pizza delivered to our house or a fruit/cheese/wine basket, that would be most welcome.

My daughter had a pot roast dinner and movie night today, much needed and appreciated by all. Drill weekend for her husband. I hope to visit Mom tomorrow, probably later, after visiting husband.

We've made friends with another family whose mother went there and now their Dad is there. Another military family and connection to to Brooklyn. We text; update and hug when we see each other. Random strangers. The one son says "God Bless" so much, I imagine he's a pastor.

Love to you all, and God bless, M.

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to me (from sister-in-law from China) You are most welcome. You and everyone in the family are in my prayer...

to me (from one sister)
find the 'new normal'


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