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"One More Pallbearer" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of The Twilight Zone, and was first broadcast in 1962. It starred Joseph Wiseman, most famous for playing Dr. No, as eccentric tycoon Paul Radin, and character actors Gage Clark, Katherine Squire and Trevor Bardette as "friends" from Mr. Radin's past.

The episode opens with Mr. Radin putting the final touches on his bomb shelter, including installing a theater system that will display a prerecorded movie of a bombs destroying New York. He then invites three friends from his past to come to his shelter: an army officer who was his commanding officer during World War II, a teacher who knew him in high school, and a minister who knew of his youthful transgressions. And it turns out that far from being "friends", these three are people who Radin had unpleasant encounters with as a younger man. Radin offers them a bargain: if they beg for his forgiveness, they can stay in his bomb shelter when the nuclear war comes.

Many of the third season of The Twilight Zone's episodes have focused on war and topical political issue. This episode features seemingly topical content, being set, like The Shelter, in a bomb shelter, but this topical content is really just a package for a more elementary fable. In fact, this episode could be seen as a retelling of the earlier, more famous episode It's a Good Life. Both episodes are about a child (in this case, Radin is figuratively a child) who wants to control adult authority figures to his whims, by locking them away in an isolated world that only he controls. This episode, however, has a very different development of the basic conflict.

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