Ok, I am going on more of a side to appeal to the good side rather then the bad side of that phrase.

The good die young. All good people die young, because they could have done so much good to this world, they never stopped working, thinking, or grokking! Look at an famous person, they all died young, because they were doing something with their lives. Albert Einstein died young because he never finished the unified field theory. Edgar Allan Poe died young, only at age 40. Mother Teresa died young, even though she was old. Why? It is because if you look at all the good they have done they were always making themselves better. Now imagine what these people could have done if they kept on living? The sad fact is that we should accept our mortality and maybe consider that the evil don't die young enough. Just look at any evil person, what good have they brought?

By the way: Bill Gates does not count, everyone knows that he stole all of 'his' ideas.

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