A rant

Now that the MacOS X public beta in is the general public's grubby little hands software developers have invented a new term to help them market their wares.

"Optimised for MacOS X"

Catchy yes? Wow. If I run this app on OSX instead of MacOS 9 it'll run faster, won't crash, and do my laundry.


Unfortunately this is total bullshit. This is like saying that a 747 is optimised for flying in Ohio.

What it does mean however is that the developer took the time to re-write his app for MacOS X (carbonising). Not always a trivial task but certainly not an incredibly difficult task in most cases. Optimising it suggests that it has been tweaked for superior performance on OSX. Saying that your app is optimised for OSX is pure marketting bullshit.

I warned you it was a rant.

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