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Old-fashioned candy that many people seem to have fond childhood memories of. (Ok, 'fond childhood memories' is a relative term...). Made of softer-than-usual vaguely gummi-like goo, shaped like orange slices and covered in grains of sugar. They're pretty good, not the best thing ever. But oddly enough, very few people are able to eat just one orange slice. They're far too addicting, for a mediocre candy.

DANGER. This is a public service announcement.

DO NOT attempt to eat orange slices while also drinking Pepsi-cola!

The resultant mixture will taste pretty much like Union Carbide lost a plant inside your mouth. DuPont wouldn't touch the stuff. It'll rival Newark, New Jersey for odor.

In other words, it's disgusting.

But not as bad as doing it with spearmint wedges.

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