I have a horrible feeling that this is the same crap I came across some years ago while randomly trawling the net for stuff about alchemy. As far as my sieve of a brain can recall, there WAS mention of 'monatomic gold' - but also connected in some way with the red indians, who had nuclear weapons (since forever) and other fanciful stuff. Might I humbly put forward the point that this is all so much bollocks. Orbitals are a description of an electron wavefunction, determined by the number of electrons the element has. 'Rearrangement' of these could mean anything - chemical reaction to nuclear disintigration. 'Monatomic element'?

Really, this sounds suspiciously like another myth-dressed-as-science problem. It may sound like chemistry, but it surely isn't. Superconductors? Wow, how cutting edge. I very much doubt that these imaginary ORMEs are "natural superconductors" (at room temperature probably :) My Philosopher's Stone was a wild goose chase, a universal panacea that turned water to wine, dross to gold and ill people to well people. Naturally the Egyptians got in on the act - convenient that we can't ask them about it. Wouldn't you think that something with great "metaphysical affects[sic]" (it should be effects) would still be used today?

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