A frisbee throw. This is a throw that, as far as I know, was invented and is thrown exclusively by the Oberlin Flying Horsecows. The Ox Driver grip is pretty odd. Hold the disc upside down on top of your hand, so that your fingers are cupping the edge of the disc and your thumb is roughly in the middle. Your fingers should be completely on the outside of the disc - they should not be curled around onto the inside of the rim. Now, hold the disc perpendicular to the ground with your fingers on the bottom. If you move the disc reasonably quickly, you can bring it back down around your knees so that the disc is right side up, with your fingers on the back edge and your thumb on top around the middle of the disc. If you continue the motion forward now, the disc will be held against your fingers(since you're accelerating the disc forward), and if you flick your wrist towards the inside(so the disc is spinning like you threw a backhand), the disc will have enough spin to go forward pretty stable for a good 10 or 15 yards. Flick your wrist so that your hand is going towards the edge that is closest to you. Also, try not to push at all with your thumb. You should only need to use your thumb right at the beginning for stability. Another tip is to try and release relatively late in the motion, whether you are throwing Driver or Drifter. The Ox Driver has a high release version called the High Plains Drifter where instead of throwing from down around your knees, you bring your arm forward at shoulder height.

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