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I was walking to the bus stop after work and I passed by the McDonalds located near Portland State University. Out in front was a mob of people, holding signs and shouting insults at those going in and out the doors. They held signs which displayed the McDonald's corporate logo with the word "McDeath" written beneath it. My first thought was that it was a PETA group. Although I can't reall seeing anything that directly pointed to that, the group was obviously a bunch of fanatical vegans of one bent or the other. I'll think of them as PETA members for now. They had the "Meat is Murder" signs, and other slogans I have seen at genuine PETA events.

I never wanted a cheeseburger so bad in all my life.

Unfortunatley (for me, fortunate for them however), I was running late, and couldn't take the time to antagonize these fanatics. I always enjoy these protestors as they are usually non-violent and so I can argue with them until they are blue in the face and be certain that I won't get punched in the mouth, besides from the looks of these particualr vegan extremists, i didn't have much to worry about if they did turn violent as the lack of protien in their diets has left the waifish. All it would have took to stop this protest was a strong wind.

However I began thinking that it might be time for a genuine PETA opponent action group. Yeah they've got plenty of companies to fight, but no real "movement" counter to their objectives (except perhaps a group of foppish gourmets, and they aren't big on standing out in the rain holding signs). I am seriously considering getting a group of my meat-eating friends together to follow these protestors around. Whenever there's a protest in front of one of these establishments (I mean, really, they're doing an honest days bussiness and don't need to be subjected to this type of thing) and we could hold signs stating:

"Beef, it's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"If we aren't supposed to eat chickens why do so many things taste like them?"

"Pigs, they're tasty!"

Well, you get the idea, I also think that we could outlast these protestors. Our omnivorous diets make us healthier and more resilient, and that extra layer of fat we have from ingesting all those yummy strips of bacon would allow us to better stand up to the cold weather of the Portland fall and winter months. Also i think it would give the poor mounted patrol members who always have to watch over every protest a good laugh.

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