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Paasche is a leading manufacturer of top-quality professional airbrushes. I personally own three. The Paasche H-series is a generic heavy airbrush, which I use for large surfaces. The VL-series I use for T-Shirts and graphic arts. I also have the "cadillac" of airbrushes, the unique AB Turbo. It has a small turbine and needle system that gives the finest control over the paint and air emitted.

(From www.paascheairbrush.com)

The AB is designed for the experienced Fine Artist, Commercial/Medical Illustrator, and Photographic Retoucher where the project demands only the absolute finest control for fine line spraying. The airbrush can achieve spray patterns from the finest hairline to a gradually widening pattern of 3/4". AB Spray Pattern Hairline - 3/4" Light Fluids. Recommended Air Pressure .5 CFM @ 20 to 35 lbs.

I have used many different brands of airbrushes, and I recommend the Paasche brand. If you are starting out, I recommend the VL-series or (to keep costs low) start with a Badger airbrush, then move up to Paasche when you've improved your art.

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