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I would like to make a distinction between Paganism and Neo-Paganism. Paganism really refers to an an old and ancient number of religions that have really not survived to this day in any real inherited way, shape or form.

Neo-paganism refers to a group of religions and religious practices that includes Santeria, Voudun, Wicca, Christo-Paganism, Dianic Wicca (Which is sometimes monotheist), etc etc etc. It's a very broad term.

Many neo-pagans that I know define themselves as monotheists, and unabashedly so. They define deity as one being, but so ineffable that as human beings, we must discuss, describe and imagine this deity in balanced, human terms. To that end, the one deity is imagined as two parts of a whole, a God and a Goddess.

I also would like to state the difference between a Neo-Pagan and a Witch. Let's take an example of one Neo-Pagan religion: Wicca.

Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is just that, a craft. Theoretically, according to Adler and others. One can be a Witch and belong to any religion. What most people calls "Casting Spells" is really just stylized prayer. Although I myself have never met a Muslim Witch, I'll bet my bottom pentacle that they are out there.

Not that I feel the need to defend the many many pagans that to do not believe what I have stated above and may indeed be unabashed polytheists. I just wanted to make a distinction.

This w/u was written in response to Witches and Muslims but in it's finished form, it was suggested to me that it have its own node, and I agree.

Source: "Drawing Down The Moon" - Margot Adler

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