Pamela Stephenson was born on 4 December 1949, in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, but raised in Australia. She first came to notice in Britain when she appeared on the 1980s TV comedy show Not the Nine O’clock News with Mel Smith, Rowan Atkinson, and Griff Rhys-Jones. It was on the set of one of the shows that she met Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian, who was to become her partner, and later, husband. She has had three children by him: Daisy, Amy, and Scarleet. She had previously been married to Nicholas Ball, but they divorced. Pamela and Billy married in Fiji on 20 December 1989.

She later decided to give up her own career in entertainment, and studied for a doctorate in psychology, which she successfully achieved. Ironically, her husband was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow without quite the same level of hard studying!

In 2001 her biography entitled Billy was received with great success, and won the Book of the Year prize at the British Book Awards. The book provided some fine insights into the private life of Billy Connolly, including his childhood abuse by his father, and his attitude towards performing live. She is now known by her professional name: 'Dr. Pamela Stephenson-Connolly'.



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