Well, my friends, I've gone and put together another anthology on the topic of Pandeism (and another Kickstarter to fund it, if anybody is keen to see that, it is coming close to succeeding, and needs just a bit more of a push). UPDATE: The Kickstarter has succeeded with six days to spare -- but it is still possible to buy the book through the Kickstarter for less than it will cost to buy once officially published.

As of now, it's about 90% of the way to being fully funded, with about a week to go, and so I have a strong sense of the wind at my back.

As for the book itself, as is typically so with these, it has essays from over a dozen authors, these being:

- Samuel Alexander (philosopher, United Kingdom), introduced by Emily Thomas (philosopher of space and time, United Kingdom) -- Space, Time, and Deity

- Michael Arnheim (barrister and Deist, United Kingdom)​ -- Einstein: “God Does Not Play Dice With the Universe”​

- Paul Carus (German-American Spinozist philosopher)​​ -- ​The Idea of God

- Nick Dutch (Tarot reader and TransDeist, United Kingdom)​​ -- TransDeism and Divination

- Timothy Ferris (science writer and professor, California)​ -- A Place For Us and a Contrarian Theological Afterword

- Celeste Foley (spiritual author, North Carolina)​​ -- Why I Am Not a Pandeist​

- Andrew Gregory (professor of history and philosophy, London)​ -- Excerpt from Anaximander: A Re-assessment

- Poffo Ortiz (Biopantheist author and artist, United States)​ -- ​The Pandeist Connection

- John Ross, Jr. (professor of communications, Illinois)​​ -- Parallel Siblings: A Pandeistic and Taoist Convergence

- Steve Schramm (Christian minister, United States)​​ -- ​Is Pandeism a Sufficient Explanation for the Universe?

- Douglas M. Stokes (parapsychological author, Michigan)​​​ -- ​Souls, Gods, and Afterlives in a World of Matter

- Daniel Torridon (spiritual teacher, United Kingdom)​​ -- My Journey to Pandeism​

- Angela Volkov (writer/data analyst, Australia)​​ -- ​Artificial Intelligence: A Vengeful or Benevolent God?

- Sam Woolfe (writer/blogger, United Kingdom)​ -- Pessimism and Pandeism: Philipp Mainländer on the Death of God

All this, and poetry, too.

Now, in candor, a friend asked me how I like how this one came out compared to my previous efforts (Pandeism: An Anthology and Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind). And my response was that I think it's a pretty solid installment. Some of the pieces are excellent, and it fills some holes that needed filling in terms of angles of addressing the theory. Perhaps someday I will put together a "best of" compilation of selections from all the books, and some of these would go into that. Amongst the more interesting pieces are an updated selection from lauded science writer Timothy Ferris, and a decidedly anti-Pandeist piece from the position of Fundamentalist-Creationist Christianity (because why not?), alongside the more salutory contributions from perspectives of Taoism, Biopantheism, and Parapsychology. Whatever the future brings, this is certainly a volume for the present. Blessings!!

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