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Papa Sprain were a short-lived Irish indie band, based in Dublin, from the early 1990s. As far as I can tell, they only released three singles; 'Tech Yes' (Rough Trade SC4) in 1991, 'Flying to Vegas' (HARK! 1244-1) in 1992 (their most well-known tune, this also appeared on one of the earlier Volume book+CD sets) and a third single for 4AD called 'Mayflower'. All in all, less than an album's worth of music, maybe half an hour at the most, but they had one fan at least.

Musically, the group were along the lines of Bark Psychosis, Butterfly child, Disco Inferno and A. R. Kane - a mixture of experimental noise-rock, feedback drones, and primitive electronics. There were no real vocals, although plenty of vocal sounds, whilst the production was clearly home-made, and charming for it.

The group was based around the nucleus of Gary McKendry on voice, guitar, electronics and drum machines, with very occasional guest spots, such as Joseph Cassidy of Bark Psychosis (who appeared on 'Tech Yes'). The group is long since defunct; McKendry now records as 'Roo Nation'.

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