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A Southern California tradition since 1889. It occurs every New Year's Day Parade, except on Sunday[1]. Each parade has a different theme. In 1999 it was "Echoes of the Century." And since 1928, the Rose Bowl always follows the parade. It is more commonly know simply as the Rose Parade. The parade begins at the corner of Orange Grove Ave. and Colorado Blvd. and ends in Victory Park, Sierra Madre

There are multiple awards given to floats, here they are in no particular order:

  • Sweepstakes Trophy -- Most beautiful entry
  • Animation Trophy -- Best display of animation
  • Craftsman Trophy -- Outstanding showmanship and dramatic impact over 55 feet in length
  • Director's Trophy -- Outstanding artistic merit in design and floral presentation
  • Extraordinaire Trophy -- Most spectacular entry including floats that cannot retract to 55 feet in length
  • Fantasy Trophy -- Best display of fantasy and imagination
  • Governor's Trophy -- Best depiction of life in California
  • Grand Marshal's Trophy -- Most creative design
  • Humor Trophy -- Most amusing
  • International Trophy -- Most beautiful entry from outside the United States
  • Isabella Coleman Trophy -- Best presentation of color and color harmony
  • Judge's Special Trophy -- Outstanding showmanship and dramatic impact
  • Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy -- Most beautiful entry from a non-commerical sponsor
  • Mayor's Trophy -- Most outstanding city entry
  • National Trophy -- Best depiction of life in the United States
  • Past President's Trophy -- Most innovative use of both floral and non-floral material
  • President's Trophy -- Most effective use and presentation of flowers
  • Princesses' Trophy -- Most beautiful entry under 35 feet in length
  • Queen's Trophy -- Best use of roses
  • Theme Trophy -- Best presentation of the Rose Parade theme
  • Tournament Speical Trophy -- Exceptional merit in multiple classifications
  • Volunteers' Trophy -- Best floral design of parade theme under 35 feet in length

  1. Originally this was a result of worries that the parade would frighten the horses that were parked for church goers.

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