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This whimsical word game features a deck of cards showing letter combinations (like TCH), a special die, and a toy "bomb" which makes an explosion sound a somewhat random length of time after it is armed.

On each turn, a player:

  1. Flips over a new card
  2. Rolls the die, which gives one of the following results:
    • The letter combo may be used anywhere in the word, including either end
    • The letter combo may not be used at the beginning of the word
    • The letter combo may not be used at the end of the word
  3. Arms the bomb and starts looking for his first word.
Now the players pass the bomb around, hot potato style, but each player must call out a word containing the current letter combo and following the current rule from the die, without repeating a word already said that turn or using a form of an already-used word. The player who ends up holding the bomb when it explodes loses the turn and is given that letter combo card as a scoring token. Lowest score after a pre-set number of cards wins.

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