Drummer with the Sex Pistols, Edwyn Collins, Bananarama and others.

Paul Cook was born on the 20 July 1956 in London. He was in the Swankers with Steve Jones and Glen Matlock, and then came the Pistols. Paul's spiritual role in the band, if The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle is anything to go by (which is far from certain), was The Tea-Maker. Steve and Paul kept going with the Sex Pistols as long as they could, long after Sid and Johnny were out, and then they formed The Professionals with Andy Allen 1980.

On 5th November 1981, Paul was badly injured in a car crash in Minnesota, but was fully recovered by the spring of 1982, and touring the US with the band.

After The Professionals, Paul went quiet for a while, no longer drumming with Bananarama or anything (as he had occasionally done while with The Professionals).

In 1985, our man was back in the business, with a band called The Chiefs Of Relief - which didn't make it into the next decade.

Then came a lasting, if occasional, association with Edwyn Collins which, in addition to various Pistols reunions and such, accounts for most of Paul's public work to date.

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