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After all, it was the 60's. I guess you had to be there.

He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Excerpt from The Beatles song Nowhere Man

Pepperland is the mythical musical paradise buried deep beneath the sea that was the setting for The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine.

Soon into the movie Pepperland falls under siege by a people called the “Blue Meanies” who for reasons unknown detest the sound of music and imprison the protectors of Pepperland in some kind of bubble that won’t allow music to be heard. In addition, they also turn the citizenry of Pepperland into statues by firing arrows and tossing big green apples in their direction. They also turn the countryside into a bland, colorless wasteland.

Just before he is about to meet his fate, the mayor of Pepperland, dispatches a sailor by the name of “Old Fred” into the Yellow Submarine in search of help. Upon arriving in Liverpool Fred discovers Ringo wandering the streets aimlessly and convinces him to help in the rescue of Pepperland. Of course Ringo recruits his band mates John, Paul and George to accompany him on his worthy cause. They board the Yellow Submarine and on their journey back come across some other strange mythical places what have their own set of peculiar quirks.

The Sea of Time

A strange place where times flows both forward and backward simultaneously with the song ”When I’m Sixty Four” playing in the back ground. While the song plays, the boys find themselves aging and then growing younger

The Sea of Science

The boys then journey through this body of water to the tune of ”Only a Northern Song” which was written by George Harrison and was originally supposed to appear on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band but was omitted. It would later appear on the album Yellow Submarine.

The Sea of Monsters

After departing the Sea of Science the band finds themselves sailing through the Sea of Monsters where they encounter various creature of the deep. Ringo then gets scared and pushes the panic button aboard the sub and he is ejected into the sea. He manages to ride one one of the monsters backs until John, realizing his plight, pushes another button which unleashes the United States Calvary into the fray to come to Ringo’s rescue.

The Sea of Nothing

After surviving the monsters they encounter the relatively calm waters of the Sea of Nothing. It’s here they meet the acquaintance of one Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD who will become their ally in their effort to defeat the Blue Meanies. The song Nowhere Man is played in his honor.

Foothills of the Headlands

The boys then leave the submarine for dry land and it’s here that John sings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This causes the creatures that reside there to start sneezing with such force that it blows the boys directly into the…

Sea of Holes

It’s here that Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD is captured and kidnapped by one of the Blue Meanies. While investigating one of the holes, Ringo decides to put it in his pocket and later jumps into a green hole which transports them back to Pepperland.

From there, various stages of mayhem ensue until they defeat the Blue Meanies through the power of music by singing All You Need is Love. Jeremy is rescued and the movie ends with the Blue Meanies surrendering. Pepperland is transformed to its original state, the Blue Meanies, perhaps sensing the error of their ways, join in singing with the band and the rest of the populace in singing the song ”All Together Now” in various languages.

And they all lived happily ever after.



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