Perception is reality is perception.

Example: You are walking down a dark alley when a large menacing man suddenly steps out from behind a dumpster. He has one hand buried in his pocket; he demands your valuables and threatens to shoot you if you don't comply.

Result: You give him your money because you believe that he has a gun in his pocket. The existence of the gun is not as important as your belief in the gun.

Perception is reality is perception.
Hmm, yes. Perception is reality, in a very important sense. Though I do not actively deny the existence of external reality, I also do not really accept it, cos there really is no proof.

What we believe to be reality, when we experience it, is nothing more than an illusion of a translation. It may or may not correspond to 'objective' reality, but that doesn't really matter to me. I exist in what may or may not be a predominantly internally consistent illusion, but that's all good. I experience it as my life and reality regardless.

Note: from my central thesis - that there may or may not be external reality - it follows that our experience of reality is all we will ever have as proof for anything. You may codify it as philosophy or regulate it as science all you wish, but will only ever describe your own experience, which at base cannot reasonably be proof of anything but its own existence (and some meme-theorists deny even that. Fuck them, that's just dumb), but the hell with rationality, right? It's just an arbitrary construct of the currently-predominating western ideology, am I correct?
Hmm, this rant was pretty random. Maybe later I'll systematise it.

One of the main tenets of postmodernism. Since our perception is affected by our culture, and everyone is exposed to culture in a different manner, we all perceive reality differently, even though some of us high-and-mighty anthropologists would like to think that we can be objective about it.

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