A Persistent Browser Based Game (PBBG) is a type of web game in which your character remains in the game world even when you are not online, in almost every Persistent Browser Based Game there will be some turn based element, which prevents players from wiping out the characters of those who aren’t online too quickly. In order to accomplish this, many games will have an action point system, where anything you do requires an action point, and action points are granted at fixed intervals. Some games will also have you control a nation, colony or similar with the genre being a strategy game in which resources are dished out once per turn with turns lasting hours instead of the the seconds or minutes of a traditional strategy game.

Because the general gameplay in a PBBG occurs in small bursts most such games will have political systems in which players can join together into groups and alliances, allowing them to strategise, negotiate, socialise and declare wars in the gaps between active gameplay.

Some examples:

Urban Dead- In Urban Dead you can play as either a survivor or a zombie surviving (or not) in a grid based post-apocalyptic city. An action point is granted every half hour with a maximum of 50.

politics and war-In politics and war you control a nation, build up a military, create cities and wage wars. Resources are granted every 2 hours based on the buildings in your cities.

Nexus Clash-A grid based game in which players can make good, evil or “free will” characters, starting as ordinary mortals but gradually gaining anything from magic, to guns, to elemental martial arts to do battle. Unlike many PBBGs Nexus Clash’s game world resets along with the characters within it every so often, each new game world is called a Breath; Every 15 minutes an action point is granted.

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