On September 7, 1928, Peter Sidney Ernest Aylen Lawford was born in London and on Christmas Eve 1984, he passed away in Los Angeles. Lawford was an actor who started his film career in 1931 and was in over 88 movies. However, often it is not his movies Lawford is remembered for, it is his offscreen travels and who he spent time with.

At the age of eight, Lawford started in the British movie, Poor Old Bill and in 1938 made his American screen debut with Lord Jeff. In 1942, MGM made him an employee and cast him as a charming, easygoing Brit in several roles.

In 1954, Lawford married Patricia Kennedy and soon after becaome a part of the "Rat Pack", which included Frank Sinatra. Lawford appeared in Ocean's Eleven in 1960 and Sergeants 3 in 1962. He also directed two comedies that he and Sammy Davis Jr co-stared in (Salt and Pepper and One More Time. Lawford also had several TV roles: Dear Phoebe, The Thin Man, and The Doris Day Show. An interesting piece of trivia is that Lawford was in 16 movies where he is uncredited.

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