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Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Superclass Gnathostomata
Class Aves OR: Class Archosauromorpha
Subclass Neornithes OR: Subclass Dinosauria, Infraclass Aves
Order Galliiformes
Family Phasianidae

The family of pheasants, partridges, grouse, Old World quail, turkeys, and chickens, containing about 200 species in about 60 genera.

Phasianidae are, for the most part, ground-dwelling birds that eat seeds, worms, and insects by scratching for them on the ground. Many are flightless or nearly so. The family contains several commercially important species: Some for hunting, plus the domesticated turkey and chicken. This last creature has spread all over the world, and is probably the largest single source of meat for humanity.

Some former members of Phasianidae have been moved to their own families: New World quail can be found in Ondontophoridae; guinea fowl can be found in family Numididae.

Subfamily Afropavoninae:

Subfamily Argusinae

Subfamily Meleagrinae (turkeys):

Subfamily Pavoninae:

Subfamily Perdicinae (quail and partridges):

Subfamily Phasianinae:

Subfamily Tetraoninae (grouse):

Subfamily Tragopaninae:

  • Tribe Tragopanini
    • Tragopan (Tragopan or Horned Pheasant)

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