An original Women's National Basketball Association team. Coached by Cheryl Miller, a standout college and Olympic player in the 1980s, for the first four years of the team's existence; the 2001 coach was Cynthia Cooper, previously a star player with the Houston Comets. The Mercury's best season was in 1998, when they made it to the WNBA Final, losing to the Houston Comets.

The Mercury employ many Australians. Four were on their 2001 roster (five, if you count Michelle Brogan, who was invited to camp but decided to stay at home down under). The most well known of the Aussies was point guard Michele Timms, the Mercury's first star and probably the greatest Australian player ever. Her success opened the door for other Australians to enter the WNBA, and it explains why so many are in Phoenix. Timms retired after the 2001 season, however, and the point guard position will be taken over by Kristen Veal — yup, another Aussie — with whom Timms split time with in 2001.

The Mercury's best player, however, is an Americanforward Jennifer Gillom, who in her five-year career has averaged 15.3 points and 5.2 rebounds per game. Another star is Russian center Maria Stepanova, who broke out in 2001 with 10.4 points per game and 6.3 rebounds per game.

Their NBA sibling team are the Phoenix Suns. Both teams play in the America West Arena.

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