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I got a "Phone Genius 2000" in Hong Kong for HK$40 (US$5). The "Phone Genius 2000" is basically a minimalistic headset phone. It's just a line in, line out, the usual 12 buttons for a phone keypad, a hook toggle-switch, and a redial button, and a little jack into which plugs an earbud with a microphone attached. It stays completely out of the way, and would likely be very nice for a secretary to have.

The particular one I got in Hong Kong is pink. I got it for two reasons: 1, the packaging has a bootlegged image of Hello Kitty using the headset phone (implying it's a Hello Kitty phone when really it's just pink), and 2, it has the following text on the box:



Let's enjoy hands free feeling
With your phone!
I found the copy text incredibly funny. It helps that it's got a picture of Hello Kitty on it, who is, after all, one sexy mama. The back of the box is similarly funny (and there's no mention of a Sanrio copyright anywhere, of course):

Phone Genius 99

Let's enjoy private hands free telephone in chatting!

Phone Genius 99 is the new advanced "Super Mini" telephone in the communication market. Now, you need not pick up any telephone handset again in chatting. From day to night, you can move freely on phone conversation.


  1. Insert the telephone cord into the modular jack at position (1)
  2. Insert the telephone plug into the audio jack at position (5)
  3. If you want to extend the connection, just insert another telephone's modular jack at position (2).


    1. Press "Hook" button at position (4), the indicator then turns red.
    2. When you hear the dial tone, enter the telephone number.
    3. Press "Hook" button again if you hang up the phone.

    1. When the phone rings, please hang the earphone on your ears and press "Hook" button for conversation.
    2. Press "Hook" button again to hang up the phone.

    1. Press "Hook" button to get the dial tone at first.
    2. Then press "Redial" button at position (8) to dial the last number you have dialed.


    (1)Line Jack
    (2)Extension jack
    (3)In use Indicator
    (4)Hook Button
    (5)Audio Jack
    (6)Ringer Hole
    (7)Dial Button
    (8)Redial Button
    Obviously, from the get-go (the fact that it has a different number) this is quite humorous. I haven't actually tried it (although Hong Kong phones are electrically compatible with American phonelines, and this even has a US-style plug rather than a Hong Kong plug) but I'm sure it works just fine. However, I never use the phone, and I'd have too much of a desire to answer the phone with "Moshi moshi" should I use this endearing little phone thingy. :)
    Update: I've tried it today. It works, but the earbud hurts.

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