Oh I hated these calls. I mean, yes, I loved them , but I hated them as well. We were 12 hours apart and only saw each once a month or so. One of us would call every other day and we talked for an hour or more, after 10, to save on the cost. It would be pleasant and civil for a while and then she would start:

Maybe I'm not free. If I wasn't free tonight, what would you do to free me?

I have one arm under the sheets, the other is behind my head, do I look comfortable to you?
You sound too quiet, do I need to climb up on your lap?

Just put your mouth close to the phone and breathe a little

Why did she do this to me? Why would I let it be done to me? Her soft laughter as she detected my anguish was the worst-"It's bad, isn't it?" She always said that, but she loved every moment. She also said it was good we didn't have video phones. That was true, for multiple reasons.

When we got back together, greeted at the airport or train station, we rode in quiet in her car- fingers wrapped together, trying to find the place we had marked. Later on she blushed darkly when I reminded her of the more bold of these evil & delicious questions, but I knew she was already thinking of little pieces of our weekends to burn me with in a couple days....Do you have any Lucky Charms laying around, you know, unused?

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