hosted at, it finds words in phone numbers. For instance, enter "666-6666", and you get a huge list, including things like "non-moon" and "no-no-monk". The idea is that you enter your own number, get something interesting back, and when people ask you for your phone number, give them that...

Other interesting possibilities are finding new mnemonics for for phone numbers that already have them. For instance, "1-800-CALL-ATT" becomes "1-800-BALL-BUTT" or "1-800-CALL-AT-8", "1-800-COLLECT" becomes "1-800-BOLL-FAT", "1-888-A1-STEAK" becomes "1-888-A1-PUEBLO".

Curiously, the number for the White House, 202-456-1414, seems to contain no English words... Well, not that curiously, since 0 and 1 have no associated letters.

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