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A group formed in 1985 that advocates and lobbies for a healthier society and high ethical standards in the medical profession. PRCM is a Washington, DC based nonprofit foundation supported by grants from both physicians and lay persons. The organization issues a quarterly magazine called Good Medicine with articles on relevant issues.

The position of PRCM with regard to public health is that the importance of preventative medicine, especially proper nutrition, is overlooked by the medical profession and government policy makers, to detrimental effect. They have been the leading organization challenging the corrupt process by which the USDA adopts dietary standards such as the food pyramid. Frustrated with the process, they have recently issued their own dietary guidelines with The New Four Food Groups. They are especially vocal in pointing out the sorry nutritional state of school lunches.

PRCM also believes that new, stricter ethical standards for the medical profession should govern drug testing and marketing, and that efforts should be made to reduce animal experimentation whenever possible.

Prominent members of the organization include Drs. Henry Heimlich and Andrew Weil.

more info availible at: http://www.pcrm.org/index.html

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