Pip"it (?), n. [So named from its call note.] Zool.

Any one of numerous species of small singing birds belonging to Anthus and allied genera, of the family Motacillidae. They strongly resemble the true larks in habits, colors, and the great length of the hind claw. They are, therefore, often called titlarks, and pipit larks.

⇒ The meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis); the tree pipit, or tree lark (A. trivialis); and the rock pipit, or sea lark (A. obscurus) are well-known European species. The common American pipit, or brown lark, is Anthus Pensilvanicus. The Western species (A. Spraguei) is called the American skylark, on account of its musical powers.


© Webster 1913.

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