Our American history teacher in high school told us that none other than Lyndon B Johnson popularized this phrase. Apparently he once referred to some guy as being "angrier than a fly pissed off a toilet rim." I, for one, can imagine that I would be incredibly irate if I was struck by a huge stream of piss so forcefully that I was knocked off my perch, and proceeded to fall into a toilet where the weight of the piss-water on my wings prevented me from being able to even move.

The sum of all the aggression one can express. Shown through distasteful and furious endeavor(s), this usually occurs after one has experienced more unpleasing events than can be handled. This is a higher level of emotion than being upset, disturbed, mad, etc... It is the highest level of belligerence that can be communicated. When one has fallen into this mental state, they are often likely to be much more expressive in their thoughts, emotions, and physical actions. Often, they may find themselves doing things in methods that are contradictory to their typical behavior.

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