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Whilst shopping for goofy presents, I came across this description:
Pocket Bacon, Seriously the Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Made But You Guys Seem to Like It
Because I had white and red yarn to use up and everybody likes bacon.
Crocheted in single-stich. Just like bacon snowflakes, every one is unique so yours may vary a wee bit from the one pictured. I promise it will be equally as dumb.
You can use this as a bookmark but other than that I am at a loss, I mean, you SO TOTALLY need this.
Made in a smoke-free home, from all-vegan materials. Folds for easy transport or storage. Brings good breakfast luck.

That's right...it's Pocket Bacon! I stopped by the lovely jessicapierce's Etsy website to pick up four crazy bunnies ("Shut Up Bitch" Bunny, Unhappy "Herpes" Bunny, Happy "Bacon!" Bunny, and Happy "WTF" Bunny), and found these crazy Pocket Bacons were also on sale. I picked up a few, and the folks at my day job think they're hilarious. I will probably pick up some for the crew.
They actually do make great bookmarks, but I enjoy whipping out one during meetings.
jessicapierce's website is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/spidercamp
She currently (as of the timestamp) has over 500 items, most of them crazy bunnies!
Get Some Now!

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