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There are many poets in the world who are talented beyond measure, and yet are drowning in the seemingly overwhelming task of getting published. The fact is that most publishers refuse to publish unpublished poets. And that fact makes the task of actually getting published all the more daunting. However there is light at the end of the tunnel... Getting your poetry heard isn't impossible. After a couple of years of riding the waves of rejection I've found new hope.

Found at www.poetictricity.com, Poetictricity is a wonderful domain for all the inspired poets out there. Its main purpose is as a voice to unheard poets... However, it is also a resource with information, articles about poetry, and poets folios. The main feature of Poetictricity is its online poetry journal Beatnik. Check out the submission guidelines at Poetictricity, and submit your poetry, to be in the running to be voted poet of the month. Beatnik is one of the few remaining poetry journals that does not charge a poet to submit their work. Both Poetictricity and Beatnik were created by poets, for poets.

Poetictricity: Poetic electricity - The power of inspiration.

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