sensei said this on more occasions than I can remember.  It's also sort of ingrained into me; my parents tried to keep me as modest and even-tempered as they could.

To this day I've never heard my father raise his voice out of anger.

You can get your point across without yelling.  You can get your point across without being inflammatory.  You can get your point across without being rude.

Never ever burn your bridges.  Employers have long memories.  You do not want to get the reputation for being the guy (or gal) who disrupted business on the way out.  Control your anger--harness it.  Don't waste it on people who no longer have control over you.

Newbies are the next generation.  They are not the devil.  They need your patience and your kindness, not your scorn and derision.  Without them, this place will die.  This place will still be here when you're gone.  Make sure there are people here to inherit it.  Every new user you scare away through your rudeness on a power trip dims the nodegel and makes this place a little more bitter.

The world is what we make it.  Rise above hateRise above intoleranceRise above ignoranceRise above rudenessSmile.

Politeness is always in order.

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