According to Dark Horse at, this is the full list of political parties who registered candidates for the 2000 presidential. The majority of them will not be demanding recounts. In any state.

Personally, I'm glad I don't live in America. I would never be able to decide between the Free Pony and Ice Cream Party and the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party

Ace Party
Alaskan Independence Party
America's Party
American Beer Drinkers Party
American Falangist Party
American Heritage Party
American Independent Party
American Liberal Party
American National Party
American Nationalist Party
American Nazi Party
American Party
American Reform Party
Americanist Party
Boring Party
Buffalo Party
California Secessionist Party
Capitalist Party
Catholic Party
Centralist Party
Church of God Party
Common Sense Party
Communist Party
Concerned Citizens Party
Confederate Party
Constitution Party
Constitution Action Party
Constitutionalist Party
Cool Moose Party
Creator's Rights Party
CyberCommunist Party
Democratic Party
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Democratic Nonpartisan League
Democratic Socialists of America
Expansionist Party
Family Values Party
Free Pony and Ice Cream Party
Freedom Socialist Party
Fusion Party
Georgia Party
Grassroots Party
Green Party
Ass'n of State Green Parties
Green Choice Party
Green Panther Party
Hawaii Independence Party
Hui Kalaiaina Party
Independent American Party
Internet Party
Jefferson Party
Labor Party
La Raza Unida
Legal Marijuana Party of New Jersey
Lettuce Party
Libertarian Party
Libertarian National Socialist Green Party
Libertarian Socialist Party
Light Party
Meritocratic Party
Multicapitalist Party
National Alliance Party
National Barking Spider Resurgence Party
National Christian Party
National Mini-Convention Party
National Socialist Movement
National Socialist White Peoples Party
National Soverignty Party
Nationalist Workers Party
Natural Law Party
Nazi Party
[New Jersey Independents
New Party
New Direction Party
New Liberty Party
New Union Party
Our Party
Pansexual Peace Party
Patriot Party
Peace and Freedom Party
Peoples Independent Party
Personal Choice Party
Populist Democratic Viking Party
Pot Party
Priorities Party
Progressive Labor Party
Prohibition Party
Puritan Party
Reasonable Party
Reform Party
Reform Progressive Party
Reform Silly Party
Republican Party
Revolutionary Communist Party
Revolution Party
Right to Life Party
Rural Party
Socialist Party
Socialist Equality Party
Socialist Labor Party
Socialist Workers Party
Southern Party
Sunny and Share Party
The People's Party
Third Party
Truth and Action Party
United Communist Party
United Fascists Union
U.S. Pacifist Party
U.S. Taxpayers Party
Utopian Anarchist Party
V.A.M.P.S. Party
Veterans Industrial Party
Whole Heart Independent Party
Workers Party
Workers World Party
World Socialism Party

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